BB Glow Treatment

BB Glow helps to reduce the appearance of pigmentation, accelerates the growth of collagen, reduces pimples, blemishes, acne scars, skin elasticity and skin firmness...

BB Glow is a nano-needling procedure that includes peptides, serums & pigments...

A series of treatments is highly recommended to maintain a youthful healthy looking complexion!

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BB Glow is a semi-permanent foundation which gives the skin that glow it well deserves...Helping to cover pigmentation, acne scars and also give you a radiant glow as if your wearing BB Creme daily!

We highly recommend to most of our clients having 2-4 sessions to give you at least an 8 month glow

BB Glow Treatments have a similar effect to micro-needling but adds in extra glow through a small amount of pigment

NO downtime required after treatment other than a few simple aftercare steps:

Do NOT wash face for 24 hours

Zero Make Up for 48 hours