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Ombrè or Powder Brow Tattooing has now become more popular than ever...Gone are the days where drawing your brows on daily, Now you can wake up looking and feeling a million dollars

The cost for Ombre or Powder Brow Tattooing is currently $450 which includes your 6 week touch up

We do require a $100 non-refundable booking fee.  This is to secure your appointment.  No deposit No booking!

Please read ALL of the information below and if you have any further questions please email or visit our Facebook page

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Important Information

If you are currently using or have used Roaccutane you must wait at least one year before considering this treatment.  If you use RETIN-A or antibiotics, high doses of anti-inflammatory medications or topical medical creams we cannot do any type of cosmetic tattooing on you until 6 months after you have stopped using these drugs.  Some antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs can delay the healing process and cause skin to reject the pigmentation.  Please let me know BEFORE your treatment date as we may need to be cancel or postpone your appointment.

This treatment is not ideal for everyone, so please read this carefully and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. This guide acts as a pre-consultation.​

Semi-permanent make-up is NOT recommended for any clients who are or have:

Pregnant or nursing


Undergoing Chemotherapy (consult your doctor)

Viral infections and/or diseases


A Pacemaker or major heart problems

Had an Organ transplant

Skin irritations or Psoriasis near the treated area (rashes, sunburn, acne, etc.)

Prone to Keloids

Are Sick (cold, flu, etc.)




Treatment Preparation

Shower the morning of or the night before your appointment making sure to wash your hair as you can not get your Brows wet for at least 5 days after the treatment. Wear dark clothing just in case of pigmentation splatter...this can stain clothing!  Do not wear make up to your appointment. 

Discontinue use of AHA (chemical exfoliation) skin care products close to the brow area at least one week prior to your procedure.

No laser or electrolysis on or around the treatment area one week prior to procedure.

Do not have any chemical peels, dermabrasions, mesotherapy, or any other intense treatments which will cause faster skin cell rejuvenating and cause skin irritation three to four weeks before procedure.

No Botox or fillers in the procedure area four weeks prior.

If you regularly get your eyebrows shaped, waxed, threaded or tinted, please do so at least three days prior to your appointment to allow for the skin to rejuvenate.

It is highly recommended that you avoid SUN and TANNING BED exposure for 30 days BEFORE and AFTER your procedure. If you show up for your appointment with a new tan or a sunburn, you will need to reschedule and will forfeit your booking fee. As your skin exfoliates from a sunburn, it will take the pigment with it.

What is the difference between Cosmetic Tattooing & Body Tattooing?

The purpose of cosmetic tattooing is to enhance the natural features of a client. Cosmetic tattooing is softer, more subtle and natural-looking. Body tattoos use ink while cosmetic tattoo procedures involve pigments. These pigments are designed to gently fade over time. Fading is desired as it allows the artist to make changes to colour and shape over the years as client’s natural coloration and facial changes occur.

How long does cosmetic tattooing last for?

No guarantee can be made as to how long results will last. It is considered a semi-permanent procedure that can last about 12 months - 3 years. The pigments are designed to gently fade over time, it is an art, not a science. Client results will vary from person to person. Although it is effective and can last up to three years in most cases for Powder, Combination, Ombre and Microshading and Eyeliner. Everyone’s skin is different. It is very important that you understand that we cannot guarantee how long the pigment will be retained in your skin. Retention depends on your skin type, texture, oiliness, and aftercare. Most clients will need 12-18 month touch-ups, but results will vary from person to person.

How long does the procedure take & what to expect

3 hours is the time required for the initial procedure depending on the service you choose.

During your appointment, we will:

Complete consultation

Take before photos

Consult, calculate and draw your perfect Brow shape

Use virtual technology to ensure precise measurements

Take before pictures

Choose your ideal colour

Seek your final approval 

Apply numbing cream

Start the procedure

Finish the procedure

Take after photos

Go over after care instructions


Will the hair on my brow stop growing after this procedure?

​No. Your hair will continue to grow. Your maintenance will be a lot easier, though.

Will it hurt?

​Pain levels vary from person to person. Some clients experience very little to no pain, while others may be slightly uncomfortable. A topical numbing gel is used throughout the procedure to help you remain comfortable. Having this service performed during your menstrual cycle may increase discomfort. If you are a frequent smoker, the topical anesthetic used during the treatment will not last as long. If you have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, be aware that this may affect your sensitivity. If you have an usually low tolerance for pain, this procedure may not be for you.  We say the pain level would sit around a 3 (1 Low & 10 High)

What to expect through the healing process


Everyone's skin is different. Although Cosmetic Tattooing is effective in most cases, no guarantee can be made that everyone will benefit from the procedure. Brows heal about 20% lighter than the initial service. If you have very dark hair, please know the pigment may heal lighter than your natural hair color. Generally, the results are excellent but it does depends on your skin texture, oiliness, and after care. There are many factors that could affect your healing one of which is Thyroid medication, this will slow down the healing process and can affect the amount of pigment you retain. Your newly tattooed eyebrows will go through several phases during the healing cycle which will be discussed thoroughly at your appointment.



We will give you aftercare information & an aftercare pack on the day of your treatment.  Please make sure to book accordingly to any events you may have coming up


Do I have to have a touch-up procedure?


Cosmetic Tattooing is a two-step procedure. Everyone will need a touch-up / perfection visit. Clients must book this no sooner than 6 weeks after the initial appointment and no later than 8 weeks. Please book this on the day of your treatment

Please note again that everyone’s skin is different. Therefore, each person will experience different results with this cosmetic tattooing procedure when it comes to retention. Additional touch-ups may be necessary. If more than 8 weeks has past since your initial procedure and you have yet to schedule your first touch-up, an additional fee will apply. If a third touch-up is requested, subsequent touch-up fees apply. After 12 months, clients must book a colour refresh appointment. You are responsible for booking your own touch-up appointment.

Can anyone have cosmetic tattooing done?

No, it is NOT for everyone. Please review the outline below. If any of the following apply to you.

This procedure may not be for you, if you have or are:

Extremely oily skin and/or very large pores on your forehead (pigment may not retain properly - the brows may fade quickly or strokes will appear fuzzy and blurred).

Psoriasis in the treatment area.

An autoimmune disease.

Diabetes type 1 or 2 (due to slow healing and infection, color may or may not retain well).

Thyroid/Graves Disease (medication may cause pigment to not retain properly).

Anemia (pigment may not retain properly).

History of keloid or hypertrophic scarring.

Currently undergoing chemotherapy.

Please note: Even if none of the above apply, the outcome cannot be guaranteed. It is a cosmetic tattooing procedure and the skin can be unpredictable. It is up to your skin to retain the pigment. Generally, results are successful; however, due to skin type, healing or bleeding during procedure, some results can differ. 

Please be optimistic, but realistic, with your expectations. Although perfection is always our goal, no one's face is 100% perfectly symmetrical. It is nearly impossible for eyebrows to be perfect mirror images of one another.  The saying "brows are sisters, not twins" is applicable to Cosmetic Brow Tattooing 

For most clients, when they see their brows immediately after the procedure, they literally gasp at how amazing they look!