Eyelash Extensions

Classic Lash Extensions

These lashes are great if you want a more natural approach to full eyelashes! Great for everyday wear

We stock Classic lashes from a 0.05-0.20 in diameter and a L, B, C, CC, D, DD Curl

A Full Set of Classic Lash Extensions is $75.00

Infills from $40.00 (2-3 weeks)

3D Volume Lash Extensions

If you're looking for a fuller look, maybe for an event , but still want a natural look.

3D Volume Lashes are a great way to go.  A subtle effect

We stock 3D Fans from 0.05-0.10 in diameter and C or D Curl

A Full Set of 3D Volume Lash Extensions is $100.00

Infills from $50.00 (2-3 weeks)

Extreme/Hollywood Volume 5D-10D Lash Extensions

Are you looking for Glam?  Then these lash extensions are made for you.

5D-10D Volume is a Glamorous Look something out of the movies.  Amazing for Weddings, 21st Birthday's, Hens Nights, MTV Awards you name it.  These shout Event Glam!

A Full Set of 5D-10D Volume Lash Extensions $150.00

Infills $70.00 (2-3 weeks)