Eyelash Extension Aftercare

Please make sure to following these instructions to help with the longevity of your Lash Extensions and health of your natural lashes

  • Keep your Lash Extensions dry for the first 24 hours

  • Avoid any oils or moisturisers from getting onto your Lashes.  If you have naturally oily skin make sure to cleanse or wipe excess oils away

  • Do not wear waterproof mascara - you need to be able to wash any eye makeup off without using makeup removers which contain oils

  • Avoid excessive swimming in Chlorinated water as this will dry the glue which will irritate your eyes

  • Do not pull on the extensions as this could pull your natural lashes out.  It takes 6-8 weeks for our natural lashes to start growing again

  • Do not rub your eyes as this will pull your natural lashes out as well as the Lash Extension

  • When your natural lashes grow you may find that the extension will twist and turn.  When this happens use the Spoolie given to you in your aftercare kit to brush lightly to straighten the lash

  • Make sure to wash your eye area including the lashes daily.  The easiest way to do this is in the shower.  You can purchase Lash Shampoo from us also

  • Avoid steam or hot environments like Sauna's & Spa's.  Step back when opening Oven doors, dishwashers, microwaves etc as the steam and heat will make the Lash Extension lose its curl

  • It is always best to have your Lash Extensions professionally removed.  Do not pull them off as you will pull your natural lashes out

  • To keep your Lash Extensions looking amazing book yourself an infill appointment for 2-3 weeks from your initial Full Set appointment

If you experience any swelling, redness or gunky eyes please seek medical advice immediately!

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